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The friendly and extremely knowledgeable team at Turna Chemical are here for you and would love to support you. For more information on anything we offer, please get in touch.

Turna Chemical is a preferred brand of additives for making  lubricants. Made in Malaysia

Turna Chemical is a preferred brand of additives for making  lubricants. Turna Chemical is a pioneering technology which engages in research & development in the field of formulation and production of lubricant additives. Its value propositions encompass giving its customers the best additives for their value, assistance in custom formulation to suit the needs of individual blender, and providing testing services at low to no cost.

Turna Chemical also commits its resources to engage in R & D to explore and adopt technologies to produce critical additive components. This is ensure that those critical components meet its quality requirement and consistency. Every component and packages produced will undergo extensive testing and benchmarking against the best in the market. With this commitment, we collaborate with our technology partners in the US, Germany, and several local institutions. Together with our technology collaborators, we constantly conduct tests according to the established important international standards such as ASTM, API, SAE, JASO, ACEA, ISO, ILSAC, and other relevant standards.

Our Technology

Additives technology is always evolving. New and improved chemistries are constantly being developed around the world. Additives are integral components of any chemical, lubricant, food, beverage, polymers, and many other products being produced daily and consumed worldwide. Additive makes a product perform better, lasts longer, and suitable for a wider application.


We believe that we have an important role in the industries that we serve in by giving to our customers top level technology in order for our customers to improve and to maximize their product quality. Our constant focus on product development means that our customers will continue to receive the latest and best chemistries in our products and our persistent attention at reducing cost means that our customers will continue to receive the best value for their investment in our mutual cooperation.


In order to trive in our mission, we continuously engage with potential collaborators worldwide and we convert our hard work into products that reflect contemporary technical level and we can assure that these products are constantly being tested for quality and performance. In the course of defining and then refining our additive technology, we constantly apply the global standards as our working principles. With this in mind, we want to ensure our customers of our critical motivation in the process of producing lubricant additives with good value for their money.




Antioxidants (AOX)

Friction Modifiers (FM)

Anti-Wear (AW)

Extreme Pressure (EP)

Sear Swell Agent

Pour Point Depressant (PPD)

Anti-Foam & Defoamant

Viscosity Index Improver (VII or VM)

Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors and Metal Deactivators (MD)

Oil Treatments, Fuel Boosters, and Metal Treatments


Passenger Care Engine Oils (PCEO)

Motorcycle Oil 2T & 4T Oils (MCO)

Hydraulic Fluids

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils (HDEO)

Heavy-Duty Marine Diesel Engine Oils

Automatic Transmission Fluids (ATF)

Manual Transmission Fluids (MT)

Off-Highway & Farm Equipment Lubricants

Metal Working Fluids (MWFs)

Industrial Lubricants & Applications

Components for Boosters & Partial Packages

Turna Chemical Additives

List of Products

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