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The friendly and extremely knowledgeable team at turna logistics are here for you and would love to support you. For more information on anything we offer, please get in touch.

Initial Sizing, Detailed Hand Calculations, Aircraft Finite Element Models, Detailed FE Models, Stress Reports. We do it all from preliminary analysis to certification reports. Light and safe. We will keep an eye on manufacturability and complexity and deliver the best least weight, least cost, balanced solution.

Complete Aircraft Finite Element Models

We create and maintain complete aircraft finite element models for multiple aircraft programs. Conventional and unusual vehicles.

Subassembly Stability Studies

Linear and non linear buckling of metal and composite structures

Detailed Analysis of Structures and Mechanical Systems

Flight control systems, door systems and landing gear

Hand Analysis

We are the home of Analysis and Design of Composite and Metallic Flight Vehicle Structures and hundreds of analysis spreadsheets used by thousands of engineers all over the world. Quick, efficient hand analysis is what we do.

Stress Analysis 

We provide a basic loads engineering solution. Certification level loads for traditional part 23 aircraft configurations and preliminary loads work for advanced aircraft prototypes. Our knowledge of loads engineering plays an important part in our holistic approach to aircraft design and development.

Loads Analysis

Composite and metallic subassemblies, CNC machinings, weldments or sheet metal fabrications. CAD major sub-assembly work or drawing production to strict manufacturing deadlines. We know what is important to you to make sure you meet your scheduled milestones.

Major Subassembly and component, CAD and drawings. Metallic and Composite

We complete major subassembly designs and deliver CAD files and drawings to manufacture.

Aircraft Modifications and ISR conversions

Design for 3D printing, 3D print optimization and prototype manufacture

We can take small to mid size UAVs from concept to flight through additive manufacturing and complete prototype design concepts within hours or days.

Our design work is based on our extensive multidisciplinary experience across hundreds of aircraft programs. Our knowledge of compliance, systems safety, reliability, maintainability, corrosion protection, manufacture, strength & durability and materials engineering inform all of our design work and ensure the optimum design for your application.

Structures Design

We design and analyse moving structures – we develop all aspects of landing gear, flight controls and door mechanisms. From loads development to preliminary kinematic models, stress analysis, fatigue assessments, weight optimization, CAD models and detail drawings.

Landing gear

Conventional and custom landing gear design and simulation.

Flight controls

Complete 3-axis flight controls design and analysis.

Door mechanisms

Derivation of human factor loads, design and analysis of doors and mechanisms.

Other Mechanical Systems

Custom lifting and cargo stowage systems.

Mechanical Systems Design

Abbott Aerospace has had significant involvement in many composite aircraft development and modification programs. Glass fiber, carbon fiber, prepreg, wet laminate, infusion. We have taken multiple composite aircraft designs from initial layout to first flight.


Abbott Aerospace has been qualifying composite aircraft for flight and certification for over a decade. We have worked on many composite aircraft programs and have a wide experience of materials, processes, design approaches and substantiation.

We have designed and qualified composite aircraft from concept to flight. We have selected the appropriate materials and defined company process specification to enable our clients to manufacture parts and sub assemblies efficiently and with confidence.

Composite M&P, Design and Analysis

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