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The friendly and extremely knowledgeable team at Turna Chemical are here for you and would love to support you. For more information on anything we offer, please get in touch.

Special Lubricants

We are the pioneers of polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic lubricants, which provide unique protection for equipment and the environment, 

Base Oils

Newly refined crude oil is referred to as virgin base oil, it has not been previously used and sets the bar for oil quality.

Blending Tech.

We provide innovation and cost-effective equipment for blending lubricants and coolants

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Turna Chemical is a preferred brand of additives for making lubricants.Turna Chemical is a pioneering technology which engages in research & development in the field of formulation and production of lubricant additives.

Automotive Oils

Turna Chemical takes care of the needs of both new and older generation cars with dedicated product rangers

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Providing excellent anti-wear performance under extreme pressure.

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Indusrial Oils

Whether your business is manufacturing, power generation, food and drink or chemical production, we have an industrial lubrication solution which will match your application ...

Your one stop shop in the

Lubricants Industry

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