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Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

SafetyFluid FR fluids represent a significant advancement in fire-resistant hydraulic fluid technology. These fully synthetic formulations deliver performance superior to premium anti-wear mineral oils, and offer significant performance and environmental advantages over other fluid options – including other synthetics. 



ACT Marine lubricants are fully compliant with the 2013 VG P, U.S. EPA Clean Water Act and U.S. Coast Guard Surface Force Logistics Center EAL Standards. ACT Marine lubricants outperform fully-saturated synthetic esters, vegetable oils and bio-PAOs. And they last longer in your submerged equipment.

Power Generation

Our fully-synthetic turbine fluid is designed for high-output gas and steam turbines. This fluid has been specifically formulated to provide superior oxidation and thermal stability relative to mineral-based turbine oils. 

Compressor Fluids

Our complete line of air compressor lubricants provide long fluid life for the following applications; rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal, gas compression and food grade. 


Steel Processing Fluids

New from ACT, our complete line of rolling oils is designed to meet the unique challenges of the steel mill environment by improving lubrication, reducing consumption, and increasing productivity.

A Global Leader In Lubricant Technology.

American Chemical Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to helping customers improve lubrication performance and eliminate the drawbacks of traditional lubricants. Since 1977, American Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ACT), has been a recognized leader in the manufacture and development of highly specialized, high performance industrial lubricants, supported with unsurpassed personal service. We are the pioneers of polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based synthetic lubricants, which provide unique protection for equipment and the environment, and supports more profitable and sustainable operations. As the first mover in PAG technology, ACT has proudly distributed PAG based synthetic lubricants worldwide since 1995.

Value-Added Synthetic Lubricants

Our value-added synthetic lubricants are designed to extend both equipment and fluid service-life in key industries worldwide. They also help reduce lubricant impact on workers and the environment. The circulating products we manufacture and distribute meet stringent industry standards and are produced in, and supplied from, our modern ISO 9001 registered facility. In the field, our rigorous Check-Mate sample analysis program helps end-users ensure fluids remain within specification throughout the life of the lubricant. ACT products have favorable EH&S profiles and help our customers meet government regulatory requirements.

TURNA Chemical, official Partner of ACT Products in Turkey and the Middle East

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